Zeus (pr)


We took the Bont Athena plate and modified it for speed! Introducing the Bont Zeus, featuring clip release axles and no toe stops.

The Zeus plate features a 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum chassis and has been triple polished with a brilliance shine applied to the outer layer to give it an amazingly beautiful finish. The action is 7 degrees and has double barrel cushions made in the USA with Bont’s famous high rebound urethane. The axles are quick release for fast wheel changes. A lot of attention to detail was paid to the action of the quick release system. The lock nut is 6061 aluminum with a grub screw for fine tune adjustment to suit your skating style. The plates profile allows for the fitment of wheels up to 72mm in diameter.


  • Action: 7 degrees
  • Plate Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Kingpin: Steel
  • Cushions: Double barrel made with extremely high-end urethane
  • Hardness (Made in the USA): Red 93A (Hard)
  • Axles: 8mm quick release clip axles
  • Bont Boot Size Range: 2.5 up to 8 (Refer to size charts listed below)
  • Plate Lengths:
  • 135mm plate’s base length is 209mm.
  • 145mm plate’s base length is 219mm.
  • 155mm plate’s base length is 229mm.
  • 165mm plate’s base length is 239mm


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