608 ABEC 5 Roller Skate Bearings


The Bont ABEC 5 roller skate bearing has been designed for the elite quad roller skater but the price makes them perfect for fresh meat skaters. The double shields assist in keeping the dust and dirt out. With exceptionally low rolling resistance and pre-lubricated with a light racing oil developed for our elite roller derby team, you are competition-ready straight out of the box!

  • Bearing Type: 608 8mm
  • Dimension: 8mm core, 22 outer diameter, 7mm width
  • Protection: ZZ
  • Cage: SPCC 08F
  • Quality: Bearing steel GCr15
  • Ball complement: 7 pieces
  • Ball Material: Steel

Pack of 16 pieces.

All Bont roller skate bearings are tested on our professional roller skating team.

There are official ratings for skate bearings. The ABEC rating system is really only a way for you to tell which bearing from one manufacturer is better than another. The higher the number the better the roller skate bearing.

Not all 608 roller skate bearings are the same. When you roller skate, you put pressure on the bearing and it actually warps especially if the bearing is made with poor quality steel. That’s why all Bont inline skate bearings are made from high-quality steel. If a skate bearing is made with poor tolerances, it will not roll very well. Also, if a bearing is packed with grease, it will hardly roll at all. That’s why all Bont bearings come pre-lubricated with racing oil. Your Bont skate bearings are ready for competition, right out of the box. Paying attention to the details is what make Bont inline skate bearings the best roller skate bearings on sale today.


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